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Founded by Marcia Miatke (Miatke Consulting) and Kristy Harper (Masterly Consulting) , HashTagLifeHub (HTLH) draws on the work of leading leadership (Maxwell 2014), behavioural (DiMartini 2013) and personal development (Sharma 2010, 2015) experts to engage young people in self-awareness and personal growth by using language, visual media and learning styles that speak to them.


According to the World Health Organisation (2018) enhanced self-confidence can help prevent mental health issues such as conduct & eating disorders, anxiety, depression and reduce the likelihood of other at-risk behaviours. HashtagLifeHub aims to increase self-confidence in young people by giving them the knowledge and tools to make more informed life decisions and to better manage significant change and transitions. Meanwhile, the career and development needs of young people in Australia are not being met, signalled by a 12% drop (2010-2014) in the perceived usefulness of careers advice in Australian secondary schools (On Track 2014).

HashTagLifeHub™ aims to:

Assist with post-secondary transition

Many young people struggle with the transition into post-secondary school, yet students who participate in post-secondary education experience a wide range of personal, financial, and other lifelong benefits. Likewise, society as a whole receives a multitude of direct and indirect benefits when young people access post-secondary education. HashTagLifeHub prepares young people to navigate this pivotal, and subsequent life transitions.

Be a digital solution to empower young people

Although a large-scale research by Common Sense Media (2015) found tweens and teens spend as much as 9 hours per day using various media platforms, there is currently no life coaching /personal development program that utilises digital technology to engage young people in self discovery. This means for 9 hours per day young people are bombarded by external influences. HashTagLifeHub aims to put the power back in the hands of young people to become their own ‘influencer’ by giving them the confidence to make choices that are in alignment with their highest goals and aspirations.

Provide a quality solution at reduced cost

Quality career and life counselling can make a significant impact on a young person’s life. HashTagLifeHub addresses the career and personal development needs of young people in Australia while significantly reducing costs for schools by leveraging digital technology.

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