Online Courses

3 Steps to Personal & Emotional Mastery – Free Video Series

So why is it so important to become more emotionally masterful? Because as much as we may not want to admit it, we are not rationale beings guided by cognition. We are for the most part guided by our emotions.

There is no shortage of literature on emotional intelligence. Research by the Harvard Business Review (2004) found emotional intelligence plays an increasingly important role at the highest levels of leadership. And, when high performing leaders were compared to average performing leaders, emotional intelligence, not cognitive abilities made up the majority of the difference in their profiles.

In this three part video series you’ll learn how to live a more empowered life by becoming more emotionally masterful.

Glow From The Inside Out – Free Online Program (women only)

When you get the inside right, the outside falls into place – Eckhart Tolle

No truer words were spoken. I have experienced this personally and witnessed my clients receive opportunities, resources and people they always wanted as a result of doing the inner work. When you get into alignment with your highest self the things you want will come to you, with little external effort on your part!

This is what happens when you glow from the inside out!

I’m so excited to incorporate my diverse experience to create a truly unique program. As a strategist and coach I facilitate your alignment and progress towards your goals and as an image consultant I help your outer appearance match your improved inner state. Through this program you’ll get an emotional and spiritual makeover followed by a physical makeover so that you:

LOOK as good as you FEEL!

This program consists of a series of short (5-10min) video modules followed by daily mini challenges that can be accessed through a private Facebook group.