‘On Course To One Dream’

Leadership & Executive Coaching

Our ‘On Course To One Dream’ Leadership & Executive Coaching provides 1:1 coaching that focuses on the unique requirements of the individual based on their personal goals and vision.

Our coaching aims to maximise the individual’s performance and helps them push beyond their comfort zone to achieve the next level of success.

Our mission is to keep you ‘On Course to One Dream. Yours’. Through 1:1 coaching you will go through the process of self-exploration and discovery to ultimately define your purpose (the WHY you do anything). We will go deep to identify and address those self-limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from realising your greatest dreams.

Together we will develop a transition plan or personal development plan to align you with your purpose and your personal and professional goals. From here, we will help you monitor your progress and help you sustain momentum. We will provide support, accountability and most importantly, celebrate your successes!

***In addition to two monthly coaching sessions, this program includes up to four email correspondence per month to share wins, seek clarity on actions or review minor issues.***

>If you have any questions or looking for a tailored program please book a free consultation here.<<