Keyen Lage: Why High-Performing Women Wear Masculine Masks (Ep. 30)

He’s a former professional football player turned mindset consultant and high performance coach that specializes in emotional intelligence. He helps high performers connect with more joy and success, by helping them heal the relationship they have with themselves. I’m so excited to share this conversation with Keyen Lage where we talk about why women assume more masculine roles to achieve success in business, why that leads to burn out and the impact it’s having on their romantic relationships.

You Are Being Called (Ep. 29)

Today’s episode is a snippet from an online summit where I was invited to talk about female leadership and confidence. I share how we were born with self-confidence, what caused us to lose it and what we need to do to reclaim it. So, if this episode speaks to you and you’re ready to unlearn patterns and beliefs that have warped your self-perception, DM me the word confidence and we can take it from there.

Krysta Lee: How To Pursue Your Dreams As A Conscious Mama (Ep. 28)

Not only a multi passionate entrepreneur as a singer, songwriter, actor, author, coach, and health and wellness marketing executive, she’s also the proud mama of two who is passionate about raising conscious, fluid children. I’m so excited to share this conversation I had with my beautiful friend, Krysta Lee. In this episode Krysta and I talk about her unconventional work life routine, how she manages her dynamic career working away on set for extended periods, and how to finds pockets of time to work on our passion projects while caring for small children.

Dr. Nima: How To Heal Your Relationship (Ep. 27)

He’s a chiropractor with over 20 years experience who recognised a link between emotional trauma and physical pain. Now he’s on a mission to help people overcome toxic relationships, career limbo, emotional trauma and anxiety to create powerfully aligned relationships by deepening their relationship with themselves and taking radical responsibility. I’m so excited to have on the show, the Edu-tainer himself, Dr Nima.

In this episode Dr Nima and I talk about how physical pain must be healed on an emotional level, how trauma is passed from one generation to the next, and how unhealed relationships are what’s holding us back from life we want.

Jenna Monaco: Easy Mindfulness Techniques To Lower Stress & Anxiety (Ep. 26)

She’s a Certified Mindfulness, Meditation + Stress Release Teacher and the host of Spark Intention podcast, a show that removes the negative stigma surrounding mental health through education, open conversations and intuitive insights.

I’m so excited to share the conversation I had with the amazing Jenna Monaco. In this episode Jenna and I talk about why we experience anxiety, the energy behind our words and how we can begin to manage stress and anxiety using simple mindfulness and meditation techniques.

What It Takes To Be Empowered (Ep. 25)

Today’s episode is a snippet from a FB Live I did with my sister Dee where we talk about what it means to be empowered.

We discuss how there aren’t empowerment tricks or hacks, and that true empowerment requires us to heal, and why we’re often unwilling to do this important work. Look I get it, we all want to feel empowered but unless we’ve done the foundational work, empowerment is just another mask. When your sense of power comes from anywhere but a healed place, your feeling of empowerment will only last until your next trigger. If this resonates with you on any level we’d love to welcome you to our community!

Jaineel Mistry: How To Awaken Your Inner Leader (Ep. 24)

He’s a life, business, and leadership coach who teaches high achievers and entrepreneurs to lead from within. He’s the Founder of the Transformative Personal Growth Company Thriving Scholar and Lead From Within Community. I’m so excited to share this conversation I had with the incredibly insightful Jaineel Mistry.

In this episode Jaineel and I talk about what it means to be an authentic leader, how our position or title has little to do with it, why we all need to build this skill set, and how we can begin showing up as our highest self now.

Peter O. Estévez: How Childhood Trauma Leads To Addiction (Ep. 23)

He’s an entrepreneur, philanthropist and an advocate for recovery and mental health, author of the upcoming book 13 steps to a healthy life in recovery and is the host of the top-rated, “Coming Clean Podcast” His story is a powerful example that no level of outward success and achievement can override unhealed emotional wounds.

I’m so honoured to have on the show the amazing Peter O Esteves. In this episode Peter shares what emotions lead to addiction, how childhood trauma manifests as adult behaviour and how unhealed pain is passed down from one generation to the next.

Dr Vanessa Lapointe: Understanding And Nurturing Our Children Under Stress (Ep. 22)

She’s a registered child psychologist, parenting expert, and mom to two growing boys who has come to understand the connection between behaviour and child development, as well as the incredible power of relationship between parent and child. Cutting through the parenting pop culture that has left many of us feeling conflicted in our parenting practice, she empowers us parents to understand that we are the single best expert for raising our children.

I’m beyond excited to share this conversation with the incredible Dr Vanessa Lapointe who is my go-to-source for all things parenting. In this episode Dr Vanessa and I talk about what to do when our children are out of control, how to discipline without damage and what our children most want us to know.

Dr Shelly & Kumar Persad: Thriving As A Couple During COVID-19 (Ep. 21)

Today’s guests are the epitome of couple goals whose podcast – The Naked Truth with the Relationship Biohackers is essential listening for couples ready to upgrade from roommates to soulmates leveraging biohacks from neuroscience, tantra, taoism as well as coaching techniques.

I’m so excited to share this conversation with Dr Shelly and Kumar Persad. Dr Shelly is a sex and relationship coach, tantra teacher, chiropractor, and author and Kumar is a sex and relationship coach, master toe reader, yoga and tantra teacher. Together, they are a happily married couple who are passionate about inspiring others to what else is possible in the realm of love, sex, and relationships.

Andrew Eggelton: How To Present Powerfully On Video (Ep. 20)

I’m so excited to bring back to the show the incredibly talented, Andrew Eggelton, you may remember Andrew from episode 16, where we talked about his 5-step methodology to authentically connect to your audience. And although Andrew helps people become world class presenters, his teachings are applicable to anyone who wants to become a more effective communicator.

Now, in light of the disruptions to the business landscape in recent months, more businesses have diversified to include or strengthen their online offering so I had to bring Andrew to helps us connect with our audience via video. In this episode, Andrew and I talk about why we need to get comfortable on camera, how presenting on camera differs from presenting in person and how to start creating powerful videos with no experience or professional equipment.

Dr Javed: How To Pivot And Maintain Business Morale During A Crisis (Ep. 19)

The epitome of a boss babe, Dr Javed is a board certified Podiatrist practicing in the heart of Silicon Valley, is the founder of a medical group that treats all foot and ankle conditions and has treated patients ranging from professional athletes and tech executives to busy parents.

After 10 years researching shoes and orthotics for the best “non-orthopedic” solutions, Dr Javed discovered a gap in the designer footwear industry. That’s when she took her patient care to the next level and partnered with artisans in Italy to create a luxury heel line that incorporates medical technology.  EMAR shoes were available for preorder only weeks before COVID-19 brought global supply chains to screeching halt.

In this episode Dr Javed and I talk about how she pivoted her marketing strategies when she learned her Italian manufacturers had stopped production and what we can do to maintain morale during these unprecedented times.

Brooke Vulinovich: How To Leverage Instagram To Grow Your Business In Uncertain Times (Ep. 18)

She’s a multiple award-winning Instagram specialist, international keynote speaker, creator of the Social Club Membership and Academy, and is a regular guest on Channel 9 News Perth. One of Australia’s most influential Instagram speakers and trainers, she specialises in educating businesses in 21 countries on exactly how to leverage the power of Social Media to increase their brand awareness and boost their bottom line. I’m so excited to have on the show, the woman the West Australian dubbed the Queen of Media; Brook Vulinovich.

In this episode Brooke and I talk about how to connect and show up for our audience during COVID 19, what we should and shouldn’t be posting and how to sell on Instagram.

How To Protect Your Emotions During Chaos (Ep. 17)

Today’s episode is a snippet from a live webinar I did last year for my transformational women’s program. While it was a general training on safeguarding our emotions, I wanted to share it publicly in light of our current global conditions. Regardless of our views on the Corona-virus; we can agree that our planet is out of alignment and these are truly uncertain times.

Not only are we trying to manage our own emotions around what’s happening, we are also being triggered by other people’s actions, and we are feeling, and in many cases, absorbing other people’s emotions. This energetic entanglement has left many of us feeling drained and out of control.

But this is not the time to be a victim, it’s the time to take back our power. And we step into our power by taking personal responsibility. And our responsibility extends beyond taking the physical steps to protect the health of the vulnerable, to include taking ownership for our emotions and energy.

 Because in the same way, that our physical negligence can contribute to the spread of this virus, our emotional and energetic negligence can spread the virus of fear, panic and chaos.

Now, I’m not saying don’t be informed. Be informed but don’t be inundated. Be informed, but first protect your emotions and your energy – and this will be the greatest gift you can give the world.

Andrew Eggelton: How To Be A World Class Speaker (Ep. 16)

With 26 years experience in front of and behind the camera on Stage, TV and Film, today’s guest has certainly mastered the technical side of presenting, but as you’ll learn in this episode, his unique methodology helps presenters go from technically skilled to world class.

I’m so excited to have Andrew Eggelton on the show. In this episode Andrew shares his 5 step methodology that helps presenters authentically connect to their audience by focusing on their Heart Brain and the magic in the space between the words.

Now before you think this conversation only applies to speakers, this is a must listen for anyone who wants to be a more effective communicator.

Linh Podetti: From Struggling Single Mom To Thriving Mommypreneur (Ep. 15)

She’s a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist who transformed her life from struggling single mom to a happily married mama of three with not one but three thriving businesses. It’s such a pleasure to have the passionate and truly unstoppable Linh Podetti on the show.

Linh shares her story of how she simultaneously grew her business and her family, something we as women often believe we must choose between. What I love about Linh’s story is that it demonstrates what we’re capable of when we make the conscious decision that we not only want but are deserving of having it all.

Kim Barrett: Why Your Business Needs To Be Using Facebook Marketing Now (Ep. 14)

He’s a world-renowned Social Media Marketer (specialising in Facebook), International Best-Selling Author, Speaker and Trainer, helping businesses around the world grow to 6 and 7 figures. Using the power of social media, he’s helping his clients build engagement, generate more leads and of course more sales. I’m so excited to have Kim Barrett on the show today.

Stefanos Sifandos: Understanding Trauma, Trapped Emotions, And Different Healing Modalities (Ep. 13)

Relational alchemist Stefanos Sifandos joins us again on the show. You may remember Stef from episode 3, where we talked about masculinity and the art of conscious communication. That episode was a favourite among listeners so if you missed it, make sure you go back and check it out.

In this episode Stef and I talk about trauma, trapped emotions, and different healing modalities. Guys, it will become evident when listening to Stef that his energy, wisdom, the way he integrates Eastern wisdom, and western psychology and the breadth and depth of his training is truly facilitating transformational change in the lives of his clients.

Dr Shelly Persad: Leverage Your Sexual Energy For More Than Just A Great Sex Life (Ep. 12)

She’s a world-renowned sex and relationship coach, author, speaker, tantra practitioner, yoni egg goddess and most importantly a happily married wife who’s discovered the secrets to maintaining flirtatious passion, desire and intimacy in relationships long after the honeymoon phase is supposed to be over.

Her coaching techniques are a blend of Ayurvedic Medicine, Tantra, Taoism and Quantum Physics. She teaches her clients how to harness their life force energy (I.e., chi, sexual energy, prana, kundalini) to transform all areas of their lives. I’m so excited to welcome the incredible Dr Shelly Persad.

In this episode Dr Shelly and I talk about why women aren’t orgasming, the impact childhood programming and porn have on our sex lives, how to use sexual energy to create the lives that we want, and so much more. With all transparency guys I share more than I normally would about sex, because I want to highlight the importance of having these conversations, especially for the purpose of sexually empowering the next generation. And for that to happen we need to normalise sexual dialogue.

Sarah Gregg: What the Psychology Of Flow Teaches Us About Happiness & Optimal Performance (Ep. 11)

She’s a no-nonsense expert on mindset, happiness and flow, member of the British Psychological Society, certified NLP Practitioner, and life and business coach with over a decade of experience in the field. I’m so excited to have the beautiful and incredibly insightful Sarah Gregg on the show.

In this episode Sarah and I talk about what the psychology of flow teaches us about happiness and optimal performance, and how we can add more flow to our lives with a simple journal practice.

Petia Kolibova: How To Attract & Sustain Soul Love (Ep. 10)

Passionate coach who helps corporate women heal from childhood trauma and toxic relationships to create a life that is in alignment with their soul purpose, and host of the Unapologetically Abundant podcast, the magnetic Petia and I discuss what it takes to attract & sustain soul love.

Wahido Marata: The Importance Of Self-Awareness & Meditation (Ep. 9)

Civil engineer turned internationally certified life and career coach, Wahido has spent years studying spiritual modalities including reflexology, shiatsu, Ayurveda and meditation. He now works with entrepreneurs to overcome struggles and limiting beliefs as well as boost their self-confidence, motivation and my personal favourite self-awareness. In this episode we talk about the importance of meditation and self-awareness and the environmental factors impacting our energetic frequency.

John Spender: Crushing Goals Without Selling Your Soul (Ep. 8)

Creator of the award winning book series A Journey Of Riches, Award Winning International Speaker, Movie Maker and Coach, John is not just a high achiever, he’s a soul centered humanitarian truly committed to making a difference in this world. In this episode, John shares his story of how he went from not being able to read and write until he was 10 years old to creating a hugely successful book series and becoming an international speaker!

Robin Choe: Step By Step Entrepreneurial Game Plan (Ep. 7)

Today’s guest is my friend, and seriously dope soul – Robin Choe, serial entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Men’s relationships and divorce coach and host of the ‘Relationships with Rob’ podcast(which I had the honour of being a guest on earlier this year), Robin Choe is my dear friend and seriously dope soul.

In this episode Rob shares his advice to up and coming entrepreneurs as well as a step by step game plan for those ready to step into the arena.

Nik Halik: How To Create More Time & Financial Freedom (Ep. 6)

Nik Halik is a Global wealth strategist and successful entrepreneur whose group of companies have financially educated and coached over 300,000 individuals globally. He’s a Wall Street best-selling author (The Five Day Weekend), international key note speaker, astronaut and high adrenalin adventurer (known as the Thrillionaire) travelling to over 153 countries. Check out Nik’s website to learn more about this captivating Entrepreneurial Alchemist.

Dr Carlos Gonsalez: How Your Spine Directly Impacts Your Overall Health (Ep. 5)

Dr Carlos Gonzales is a seasoned chiropractor with extensive expertise including Orthopedics, Spinal Trauma, Whiplash, Accident Reconstruction, Pediatrics, Sports Injuries and so much more. In this episode Dr Gonzales shares how working in one of the largest military hospitals completely changed his thoughts on traditional medicine. We discuss the connection between the spine and the organs in the body, the electrical energy that runs through the body as well as how to decompress the spine in just a few seconds!

Casey Plouffe: How To Develop An Abundance Mindset (Ep. 4)

Casey Plouffe is an international bestselling author, star of the upcoming movie documentary ‘Adversity’ and self-made millionaire whose energy is nothing short of infectious. My definition of an enlightened leader, Casey is passionate about helping people unlock their true potential to experience financial and personal freedom. In this episode, Casey shares how she went from self-described “hot mess express” to absolutely crushing it in the network marketing game.

Stefanos Sifandos: Masculinity And The Art Of Conscious Communication (Ep. 3)

Stefanos Sifandos is a Relational Alchemist, coach, author, international speaker and advocate of ‘Real’ masculinity who facilitates transformational growth through neuro-empowerment practices, mindfulness. In my opinion, he’s one of the best at integrating Easter wisdom, and Western psychology to enhance the quality of relationships. His content is powerful, thought provoking and speaks to your soul. His programs include; conscious warrior, reclaim your kingdom, conscious relating and he and his beautiful new bride Master Coach Christine Hassler have just launched a women’s program called Be The Queen designed to help women call in their King.

AJ Mihrzad: Transform Your Body And Mindset (Ep. 2) 

AJ Mihrzad is multiple best selling author, key note speaker, host of the online supercoach podcast and was recently inducted into the personal trainer hall of fame and if you’ve had a chance to watch his stand up comedy, you’d know he’s actually super funny too! Equipped with a Masters degree in Psychology and years spent mastering his craft, AJ now helps coaches scale their online businesses to six and seven figures.

In this episode AJ shares how he transformed himself from overweight and overdosing to the Online Supercoach we’ve come to love and respect.

Joel Brown: How To Build Authentic Influence (Ep. 1)

Joel Brown is the Founder of the number 1 personal development website in the world.

With over 2.6 million followers and over 200million views Joel has coached thousands of people around the world. He’s been featured in multiple documentaries, hosts trans

formational live events and just reopened the doors to his Mastermind – The Circle of Influence where he gives his clients access to the likes of Gary V, Gabby Bernstein, and Jay Shetty, just to name a few. But beyond those seriously impressive stats, is that he’s one of the most down to earth and genuine people I know. So if you ever get the opportunity to work with him; jump on that immediately.

Welcome To The Hustler’s Guide To Flow (Trailer)

Are you ready to take your life and business to the next level? Are you ready to learn a new model for peak performance, one where stillness complements the fast-paced nature of the hustle; where purpose and fulfillment add to rather than detract from your competitive edge?

If so, join Leadership and Emotional Intelligence Consultant and Executive Coach, Marcia Miatke as she takes you into the minds of some of the most incredible leaders in the medical, research, business and spiritual fields to equip you with powerful insights and practical strategies to level up in business and in life.

A mix of interviews and personal insights, Marcia shows how to infuse the hunger, focus and determination of the hustle with the presence and ease and flow to reach unprecedented levels of success in all areas of life. The next level version of yourself, starts now.