What Leaders are saying about…

Marcia’s Leadership Development

Director – Higher Education Industry:

Marcia has an incredible passion for leadership and strategic thinking bringing a high degree of energy to her work. She exhibits unfaltering drive and determination in all her endeavours and manages to balance this with a healthy dose of self-reflection. With Marcia by your side in the role of advisor, supporter and coach you are likely to experience one of the best working relationships of your life.

Strategy and Growth Leader – Oil and Gas Industry:

I feel very fortunate to have worked, and continue to work, with Marcia Miatke. I started working with Marcia as I was going through several executive professional development courses as part of the GE’s Corporate Leadership staff program.

Marcia navigated me through the results of my feedback including improvement opportunities that I had failed to recognise and accept. She always offered me great insights and tactfully refocused my energy on the most important areas of my personal and professional life.

My work ethic and time management skills are significantly better today thanks to Marcia. This has not only improved my perception about my own leadership potential, it has led to greater leadership opportunities at work.

Project Director – Mining and Construction Industry:

Marcia’s coaching and leadership solutions as applied to the rigorous mining and construction industry have been very valuable.  The challenges of managing a large number of employees working in the Western Australian “fly in, fly out” camp based environment is especially demanding for both our management and employees.

Marcia is consistently able to provide advice and solutions that are both applicable and appreciated by both management and employees.  We look forward to continuing our working relationship with Marcia as the resources industries face our next round of challenges.  

Marcia’s Management Consulting

Chief Strategy Officer – Higher Education:

Marcia is an incredible individual who through her passion and drive inspires people. Having worked with Marcia she is someone who has great interpersonal skills, works well in a team and has a excellent attention for detail. Her ability to bring new ideas to the discussion and make people think about things differently is priceless. I would highly recommend Marcia.

Owner/Entrepreneur – Apparel and Accessories Company:

I have worked with Marcia for almost 4 years in three different start-up businesses.  During this time, I have really appreciated Marcia’s straight forward and common sense approach. In addition to her excellent leadership advice, Marcia provided consistent and valuable strategy and marketing solutions. I look forward to many more years of working with Marcia as an advisor and coach.