Top Three Reasons To Have Marcia On Your Team


In  addition to transforming her life to overcome personal challenges  (i.e., adoption and drug addiction) to build her career and business  – she is a fully certified coach (Quantum Success Coaching Academy USA). Marcia has a certification in Leading with Emotional Intelligence (Case Western University USA) and 4 years of research experience (University of Western Australia) in leadership, emotional intelligence and commitment to change.


While Marcia listens to her inner guidance on what techniques and processes will serve you most in the moment, she draws on academic research to help bring your heart and mind into alignment. She uses left-brain (logical & scientific) as well as right-brain (creative & spiritual) explanations and methodologies. Resolving conflict between the heart and mind helps to create significant and lasting change. Using the same approach, she helps to align individual goals with that of the organisation for a truly win-win outcome.


What separates the good from the exceptional leaders is how they manage emotions during complex, uncertain and stressful times. Marcia helps to develop your emotional intelligence so you can perform at your best during the most challenging personal and professional environments. When we understand and manage our emotions we can show up as our highest and most authentic selves as leaders, spouses, friends, colleagues and the many other roles we play.

How I can be of service:

I empower people from all walks of life from executives to stay at home moms to live their most fulfilling and authentic lives by helping them to achieve their definition of success. Drawing on different elements of my extensive training I empower my clients achieve levels of success they didn’t think possible. Some areas I specialise in are:

  • Helping leaders and aspiring leaders elevate performance through leadership and executive development
  • Making the powerful connection between mindset and emotional intelligence to create transformational change
  • Overriding limiting beliefs and lowering resistance to allow the flow of life
  • Building self-love, confidence and positive self-image through self-awareness and self-compassion
  • Holistic women’s coaching (psychological, emotional, spiritual & physical)

Helping people change their lives for the better is truly my passion and purpose in life! Witnessing the powerful shifts in my clients is what I love most about coaching. Nothing lights me up more than helping people breakthrough, overcome, achieve, and most importantly feel unprecedented levels of peace and fulfilment.

I’m so excited to connect with you!